We at Parish IT wish to eliminate the problems you have in managing your computer environment. Most Parishes and Charities cannot justify onsite IT staff or traditional IT service providers, and therefore rely on a combination of volunteers and paid computer techs to service their requirements on an as-needed basis. This approach leads to a patch-work of technologies being delivered without any real strategy. Things break, things become complicated, which means that in the end, you suffer from this approach.

Parish IT understands this all too well. We seek to provide a robust, reliable standard for the provision of IT services and support needed by Parishes and Charities. We want to empower you with all the benefits of technology while removing the headache of managing it. It is our desire to deliver a united effort so that you can do their valuable work.

We have bundled together a range of products and services into simple, cost effective packages to provide you with everything you need, for a low monthly or annual fee. We offer the following products and services to provide your organisation with the systems and support you should have:


In this day and age of technological advances and the use of IT systems to connect people, it is indeed more important than ever that Parishes are in a position to keep pace in this area of communication and business administration. Companies such as yourselves offer a real option to assist Parishes, and others, and it is additionally advantageous that you work out of your own personal background in Church life and ministry.
Most Rev Terence Brady Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney - Nov 2013
Parish IT understands the business of managing a church. They are always available to help and always ready to advise on our computer needs. I would highly recommend their services for any parish large or small.
St Margaret Mary's Parish - Merrylands NSW November 2015
Inviting Parish IT to give us an overview of what they had to offer the parish was the best decision our Parish Priest has made. It has totally removed the stress of dealing with any computer problems. We can contact them at any time and the problem is dealt with immediately in a very professional manner. Fantastic service at a reasonable cost. Highly recommend!
Holy Spirit Parish - North Ryde October 2015